2 Days
May 11 & 12, 2013
Saturday 11 - 6pm
Sunday 12 - 5pm


Are you an arts enthusiast?  Then take advantage of this exceptional event to view and purchase original artwork from over 50 artists. The Rosedale Main Street BIA is proud to launch the 1st Annual Rosedale Art Fair.  This two-day event will showcase the notable work of emerging artists from OCAD and across the GTA, at participating Rosedale stores and restaurants.


Another highlight of the fair will be the “Art in the Square” where up to forty curated artists will be featuring their work.  You will have the opportunity to meet directly with the artists and purchase affordable high calibre works of art. This is a remarkable opportunity to support the work of up and coming local artists.


Merchant: Roots Canada

Address: 1073 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Laura Nowak/ Photography

Activity: Yoga Demos and DJ

Merchant: Room 2046

Address: 1252 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Liane Vaz/ Material Art Design, Jewelry

Activity: Anniversary Party

Merchant: Terroni

Address: 1095 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Rachael Guglielmelli/ Photography

Greg McCarthy/ Drawing and Painting

Jeannie Pappas/ Ceramics

Vicki Martinovic / Printmaking

Activity: TBA

Merchant: Dekla

Address: 1220 Yonge St.

Activity: The North South Project

The North South Project is a new model of viable design and craft collaberations in the developing world.  Called the North South Project because of it's reach across a global north/south axis, the project brings new product collections to northern markets that are designed and made in the Southern hemisphere.

Merchant: Of Things Past

Address: 1096 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: 

Toronto artist - Doris Pontieri selected to exhibit her unique rendition of North Birch Trees at the Paris Louvre.  One of the first Canadian artists to be selected to have her work exhibited at the December 2012 Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts (SBNA) annual show at the Louvre in Paris.  Based on the quality and appeal of her work, Ms. Ponieri easily secured her place in the delegation of just 12 artists representing Canada at this prestigious international art exhibiton.

Activity: TBA

Merchant: Absolutely North

Address: 1236 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Cayla Chrisiansen/ Drawing and Painting

Merchant: LCBO

Address: 10 Scrivener Square

Activity: Kevin Oleary from Dragon's Den -Saturday.  Tasings - Sunday

Merchant: Absolutely Inc.

Address: 1132 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Kate Hogg/ Drawing and Painting

Merchant: Starbucks

Address: 1088 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Greg McCarthy/ Drawing and Painting

Activity: Complimentary food and beverage samples

Merchant: Mephisto

Address: 1177 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Treva Pullen/ Drawing and Painting

Activity: Complimentary wine and cheese

Merchant: Pizza Hut

Address: 1086 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Gabriel Altrows/ Drawing and Painting

Meaghan Barry/ Drawing and Painting

Merchant: Delineation

Address: 1110 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Sebastian Bentez/ Photography

Activity: Featuring Melanie Cruickshank the creator of DaLish Cosmetics who will be performing complimentary makeup touch ups and skin consultations!  Also, anyone who comes in during the 2-day event and can enter to win a Beauty Regime which will include professional hair and skin care products.

Merchant: Cloakroom ** Saturday Only**

Address: 1177 Yonge St. Unit 17

Featured Artist: Bronwyn Pel/ Material Art and Design, Fiber Arts

Activity: Complimentary food and beverages.  Plus an exciting feature product.  Take your photo in your favorite outfit!

Merchant: Dog Father  & Co.

Address: 1007 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Caroline Whelan/ Illustration

Activity: Complimentary dog treats.

Merchant: Colour Lab

Address: 1013 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Annika Hoefs/ Jewelry and Ceramics

Merchant: Belle Epoque Furnishings

Address: 1066 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Kimberly Bruce - Jewellery Artist  &  Kellie Leman - Painter

Merchant: Decorum Decorative Finds

Address: 1212 Yonge St.

Featured Artist: Donovan Davis & Robert Kanatnik

Merchant: Decorium

Address: 1212 Yonge Street

Activity: 25% off the regular price of all wall art



Merchant: Advice From a Caterpillar

Address: 8 Price Street

Featured Artist: Elizabeth Dyer




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